People come out of darkness and return to it as shooting stars.

Are they self-luminous or not? Do they reflect or emanate light?

Is the photography an ark of memory where the pictured world rescued from the oblivion’s gloom?

Let the above words constitute food for thought for anyone who wishes to participate in the people-centered photography competition using analog or digital cameras, or other new media. The Juries will judge the b/w or color photos and the best will be printed by the organizers and will be part of a photography exhibition in Athens and in Amfissa city, Greece. They will also be included in the digital catalogue of the exhibition and showcased on a web photo gallery. The show is foreseen to be exhibited in other venues as well.

Jury for the Greek competition part: Chrysanthe Sotiropoulou, Vassilis Karkatselis, Anna-Maria Chatzistefanou.

Jury for the international competition part: Oh Soon-Hwa, Jerome De Perlinghi, Nir Arieli


Awards for the Greek and the foreigner winners: 

1st Prize
- Organizing a photo exhibition of the winners in Athens, Greece.
- Residency for a week in Athens to attend the set-up of their exhibition and take photos of the city.
- Coverage of the air tickets.

2nd prize
- Organization of photography installation of the second winners in Amfissa, Greece (ANIMART 2019)
- Residency for a week at Amfissa to attend the set-up of their photography installations and take photos of the city of Amfissa and the surrounding area of Delphi.
- Coverage of the air tickets.

3rd prize
A photographic album focusing on Greece.


Submission of Works: October 10th, 2018 until November 30th, 2018 December 31st, 2018
Announcement of results: December 15th, 2018 January 15th, 2019

Terms and Rules
1. All are eligible: professional and amateur of the art of photography.
2. Each participant can send up to ten (10) digital photos for preview in .jpeg format, 150dpi resolution (up to 4MB each).
3. The copyright of the photos belongs to their creators, as well as the responsibility of their authenticity.
4. The organizers of the competition are not in any way place the photos into commercial use, beyond the promotion needs (in print and electronic) of the competition.
5. The photos will be submitted exclusively in .zip or .rar via the registration form. The folder should be up to 25MB.
6. The filename of the photos submitted to the competition, should be the full name of the photographer and the title of the work. I.e. JOHN_SMITH_Unbuilt_Light.
7. The photos, which will not be printed, will be presented online for one year.

Participation fee
The participation requires a fee 20 euros to cover the costs of the organization of the competition, the printing of the selected photos and their exhibition.

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