1st Prize

Corresponding Angles

Dimitris Vavliaras

He was born in Ptolemaida in 1975, grew up in Kozani and lives in Eani, Kozani. He took up photography 5 years ago. From the beginning he felt attracted to people's faces, so the main focus of many of his photographs is people. In 1995 he began his studies at Panteion University in Athens. At the same time he started studying music at Philippos Naka's conservatory and music has been his main occupation ever since. In 2013 his debut album "It's raining again" was released, in which Vasilis Skoulas, Argiris Bakirzis, Manolis Hatzimanolis and Giorgos Kontorikos participated. In 2016 his second album "Endless" was released in collaboration with the artist Giorgos Mechael. In the same year he also worked with the artists Giorgis Fasoulas and Kostas Kallergis ,both from Anogia ,Crete in two songs. Photography has been his passion over the past years.

2nd Prize

Faces of the globe

María Elena Muñoz Bonilla

María Elena Muñoz Bonilla is a Mexican freelance photographer who has an unique perspective due to her professional formation as an architect.
Most of her portfolio revolves around landscape, travel and astrophotography. Her work has been published in several publications and featured in a variety of Mexican and international exhibits.

3rd Prize

Woman from Anatolia

Athanasios Athanasiadis